High Strength
Composite Materials

3D Print in Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass or Kevlar

Our 3D printing technology embeds continuous fibre into printed nylon to create high strength composite parts. We offer carbon fibre reinforcement to achieve high strength parts comparable with metal, as well as micro carbon fibre, fiberglass and Kevlar.

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3D Print in ABS plastics, Polycarbonate, Nylon or PLA

Emona can print in a range of thermo plastic materials, from the familiar ABS and PLA, through to specialist plastics for ESD protection, flame retardant and medical grade nylon applications 

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What can we print?



End Use Products

The strength and durability of composite printing enables users to make real, functional parts. Customization and small-batch manufacturing is faster and more cost-effective than ever.



Industrial strength 3D printing enables prototyping both form and function. Design and test carbon fiber parts that are as strong and light as aluminum.


Tools, Jigs & Fixtures

3D printed custom tools, jigs and fixtures expand the capabilities of machine shops and reduce both cost and lead time.



Researchers, teachers and students can take advantage of carbon fibre parts for their projects or research. Get parts printed with the strength of aluminium for solar vehicle challenges, drones and other projects.


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